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Carpets & Rugs collect all outdoor bacteria and germs that are brought into our homes through shoes, and they act as large filters for dirt, dust, skin flakes, hair etc. All of these particles settle in carpets and although vacuuming might keep the carpet looking clean on the surface, the deep fibers of the carpet keep all these harmful impurities inside. These impurities are collected within the carpet and are disturbed once we step on to release very fine particles that become air borne and is inhaled by us and our family members which might cause allergy especially for babies, children and elderly people.

Cleaning carpet and upholstery or Mattress cleaning is very difficult, especially when its installed and cannot move to washing area. Expert cleaners from UAE Maintenance will come equipped with latest tools and fumigated to prevent from further bacteria in carpet and upholstery.

UAE is situated on the sea shore and weather here is tropical hot and humid, this cause lots of kind of bacteria and bugs specially bed bugs. If once bedbugs got inside your home, they will never leave unless you fumigate them and clean every possible thing. Cleaners from UAE Maintenance will take care of all possible requirements and clean your carpet where they are, shampoo them with proper care and save you and your carpet from all kind of bugs and increase its life.

Cleaners from UAE Maintenance provide variety of options for cleaning Carpet and Upholstery to select from. All you need is to order us on right time and provide us proper time to clean your upholstery or carpet.

Call UAE Maintenance now on +971-56-170 1315 for Carpet Cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

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